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Jeffrey Balazs is multi-talented craftsman, professional graphic designer and collaborator. As a young student, he explored the relationship between form and function and has incorporated that principle in every piece he creates. His background was filled with projects spanning industrial design, wood working, painting and graphic communications from his father and sewing and model making from his mother. This combination served as a basis that allowed Jeff to conceptualize, design and create items for his own personal use, make refinements, and also collaborate with others to fit their unique needs. As an avid nature enthusiast, his aesthetic is a blend of simplistic, understated design blended with themes derived from nature in feeling, texture and tone. He’s been fortunate to incorporate this in fine woodworking to sewing and leather craft to express his artistry creating seasonal apparel, fashion accessories and practical wooden home furnishings in a product line called J.Design. His work is exhibited in several local fine art galleries and craft shows throughout the year. Visit myjdesign.com.

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