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June 17th – August 14th



When beginning a new work, I am not interested in color, form or anything else. I am interested in expressing basic human emotions fear, sorrow, doom, happiness, and so on. The materials I use are many and unlimited. Any material that contributes to the development of human emotion will do. Sometimes the desired result is not achieved and starting over is my only option. But Im never afraid to start over because now instead of starting from scratch, Im starting from experience. However its not about how many people like my work, its about my soul liking the work and how honest I am with myself.


Wayne is a sculptor, painter and mixed media artist trained and educated in Ohio. His artistic expression represents a journey from the mind to the finished composition. Each journey represents a unique and separate experience and emotional relationship that is put on display for all to see and consider. The use of materials and techniques are the keys to his unique artwork. Materials may be new, distressed or hand made. It would not be unusual to find rusted metal, stones and lace combined with a sculpted item in a single work. His work focuses on emotion and expression in both realistic and abstract forms. Thus, it would not be unusual to find the mixing of materials, techniques and forms all in a single piece. After viewers have had a chance to experience his work, Wayne would like the viewers to walk away with this visual experience deeply embedded into their memories so that they are able to frequently recall and revisit for any reason.

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