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October Visual Artist of the Month – Larry Kasperek

I am a recovering photojournalist, having spent 25 years in newspaper business. I worked as a photographer, picture editor and director of photography. The journey took me from working with film into the digital age. After my newspaper career I worked 15 years doing commercial and editorial work in a partnership. Photographing with film was how I learned photography. I switched to digital as clients came to realize the savings in speed and money. When I set out on my own a few years ago I returned to film and the unmatchable look it delivers. I primarily photograph for myself, occasionally picking up a digital camera when I work for hire. 


I photograph things that just catch my eye, whether it’s the composition, color palette, the quirky and humorous, historical importance or just a good documentary portrait.  


Other interests include Civil War and other historical photography, birding, golf and collecting vintage photography.  


I am currently working on a long-term project on County Fairs, a part of American life that has changed little in a hundred years. 



Being a west-sider, Heights Arts gives me an opportunity for a large and diverse group of art lovers to see my work as well as meet fellow artists.  

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