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September Literary Artist of the Month – Sujata Lakhe

Sujata Lakhe was born in India and grew up in steel-town Bhilai before immigrating to Cleveland in her early 20s. She has co-authored research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals in the field of Molecular Biology. Looking beyond the surface, questioning dogma, observing, making a conclusion (but willing to change upon learning new information), and choosing the correct details to communicate accurately are some of the things she finds in common between the scientific process and creative writing. Her personal essays and poems can be read in Neighborhood Voices, an anthology published by Cleveland Public Library, Scene, The Blue Windmill chapbook, and Literary Cleveland Blogs. She has performed her stories and poems at the Photocentric, the Story Club Cleveland, and Gilly’s Music Room. She presently lives in Chagrin Falls, OH, with her husband William G Barnard IV and her daughter Samira Reddy. 



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