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Call for Artists: Joy Mural



The Lau family of Cleveland Heights is looking for an artist to provide a face lift for the Joy mural at the corner of Silsby and Lee Roads (shown here in black and white).  This mural has been a fixture at this location since the early 1970s.  The mural was initially installed as part of a design competition held by the Citizens for Cedar Lee.  They would love to see it refreshed and shared with the community for years to come.


The southeast corner of Silsby and Lee roads in Cleveland Heights.


The Lau family is hoping to have the project completed in the summer of 2016, to coincide with the streetscape improvements currently underway in the Cedar/Lee business district.

About the Mural Designer

Betty Lau was a lifelong resident of Cleveland Heights and the Cedar/Lee area specifically.  Her passion for art influenced and guided her throughout life.  From classes at CIA and CMA to her most recent involvement with Plein air painting was always present and persistent.

Contact Michael Lau if you have an interest.  Call 216-401-4671, or email mmblau@outlook.com.

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