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Echoes of our Truth

May 18 – June 10

Opening Night from 5-8pm

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Heights Arts is so proud of Heights youth! Our partnership with Heights High has produced a fresh exhibition curated by our student interns that resonates with messages worth repeating. Over 40 artists will be represented in the group exhibition and in our adjacent SPOTLIGHT gallery, the work of our beloved gallery interns, Josie Naypauer and Juliet Duffy! Join us this month for an opening night sure to be filled with vibrant energy.

Curatorial Statement

Art is one of the most fundamental forms of self-expression in the world. It provides us with an irreplaceable outlet for conveying our emotions, thoughts, creativity, etc. There is no right or wrong way to create art, and that is the beauty of it. Every person conveys their feelings in their own unique way. In today’s world, connecting with each other is paramount. Having empathy, and being able to understand the people around you makes our community a better place. This is what this show is asking of you. What is your truth? Take this as an opportunity to explore your identity. Use this as an outlet to express your true feelings, your opinion, your personality. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”. And you may not have a clear answer to that question, but that is the beauty of art. That you can be anything you want to be.


Echoes of our Truth artists:

Charlotte Benham

Natalie Bier

Owen Bisker

Indiana Blackman

Vivienne Brown

Mikkel Cannon

Johanna Carlyle

Antonia Casucci

Nogoye Cisse

Jordan Cole

Alexander Copeland

Sydney Crider

Malachi Dates

Lucia Del Torto

Jaylen Eskridge

Alex Fisher

Madison Fitzpatrick

Nolan Fluharty

Elizabeth Francisco

Maxwell Frey

Austin Gallagher

Jordan Glover-Williams

Bre Greer

Spencer Imka

Anthony Jolivette

Jolene Jones

Dayshanae’ Kennedy

Chiara Koonce

Rilyn Manne

Lailah Miles

Trudy Motsamai

Emma Naypauer

Sofia Pehowic

Jean Carlo Quiroz Murillo

Elizabeth Rosebrock-Hayes

Melody Schanz

Sara Schubert

Ida Shapiro

Alexandra Shepherd-Boike

Ryan Spalding

Willa Sullivan

Nataejai Thomas

Alexander Villanueva

Ella Watterson

Jordyn West

Christopher Williams

Malachi Wilson

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