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Our selection of greeting cards will surprise you. We have a great variety ranging from cute and funny to nostalgic and cleverly handmade. During the first week of our 2021 holiday store, we’ll add our favorite cards to this post and share more about the artists who create them.


Boxed set of cards by Lari Jacobson $35

“I have thirty years of professional experience painting murals and decorative finishes for residential, corporate and non-profit clients on walls, ceilings, floors, canvas and furniture. I received my BFA from Miami University and my MA from Boston University in painting. I also studied at the New York Studio School and the Rodger Newton School of Decorative Finishes in London. I was head designer at Frederick Cooper in Chicago for 5 years before moving to Cleveland Heights to raise my family.

Art has always been my passion. Even as a child, I sensed that art would always be a central influence upon my life. I truly enjoy the creative process. When I approach a project, I first consider the personal, social or historical context of the subject. I engage the client in this creative dialogue through research, sketches and conversation, and I draw further inspiration from texture, color and pattern. My ultimate goal is always to achieve for the client exactly what they want, while still challenging myself through the unique, creative process of each work .” – Lari Jacobson

Holiday card by Taryn Zwolinski $4

Born in northeast Ohio, Taryn Zwolinski is a mixed media artist who has been creating dark yet whimsical artwork for over 15 years. Her characters are born our of simple line explorations and interpretations of her life, safely bound in the pages of small sketchbooks. Many are amalgamations and personified forms, and are new twists and take on the otherwise ordinary. She has a bachelors degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, and an art minor from Hiram College.You can view more of her work at www.zwolita.com

Card depicting Joy Mural by Betty Lau $5

The JOY Mural is a historic site in the Cleveland Heights area introduced in 1973 and restored in the 1990s. The original goal wast to to “embellish and spiritually uplift the neighborhood” and bring publicity to the shopping district. Today although Betty Lau is no longer with us, her son preserves her legacy by continuing to distribute her art. We’re delighted to be a part of offering the joy she and her son work to spread in our community.

Hand cut card by Patricia Garmhausen $8

Patricia Garmhausen was born 10/23/56 in Akron OH. She graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration 1979 and worked in television with Channel 43 during the 80’s. She was working as the Imperial Home Decor graphics department art director when she moved to the Cedar-Lee neighborhood. She started her own business directing art, designing and illustrating mainly for the wallpaper and fabric industry. More recently, Patricia has taken up an interest in work involving botanical illustration which she incorporates into her fabric designs which you can view at giardino.etsy.com

Puppet card by Kris Barnes $10

Kris Barnes is an artist with a love of all that is playful, colorful and fun. She is also a restless spirit that needs to try all media, all kinds of fiber arts, paper works, paintings, doll making and more. This year she finds herself making faux-temari necklaces with colorful wooden beads, books of sewn imagery, dolls and artistic gloves and active puppet-like greeting cards. Kris loves a challenge and this is why she is also a teacher.

Coexist card by Shari Escott $6

“I grew up in Staten Island and now call Chagrin Falls, Ohio, home. It has always been my dream to create. I love the hunt for the material, making a collage come to life and telling a story. Sharing art at local art fairs is also one of my favorite things. Watching a customer read through an old newspaper or postcard in a piece is really fun to watch. So many memories come out and it’s a gratifying moment” – Shari Escott

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