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No Exit’s Year of Surreality Performance

Friday October 13, 7:00 pm


No Exit kicks off their season of the surreal with Games, a genre-bending multidisciplinary program which takes its inspiration from the parlor games and thought exercises employed by the Surrealists. Games will feature all new art, music, poetry and an installation at Heights Arts (Collaborage) which will correspond to the concert series.

Included on the program will be world premiere musical works by Adam Roberts, andPlay (http://andplayduo.com),  James Praznik, Timothy Beyer and a triad of anonymous composers  who, using Chopin’s Minute Waltz,  have constructed ‘memory pieces’.

Additionally, Cleveland area poets Ray McNiece and Raja Freeman have created poetic works which they will recite during the series.

Collaborage will be open to the public starting on August 18 and will run through October 15.

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