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Spotlight: Amelia C. Joynes

January 12, 2024 – March 10, 2024


I have always been involved with creative arts and encouraged to explore new possibilities, as a passage to new ways of seeing and creating. My artwork challenges me to re-envision possibilities in the way I use artistic materials within my environment. I connect traditional media – glass, metals, fiber and print into nontraditional expressions. “Scrap metal” might become metal ribbon, “Powdered glass” might become a transparent/or translucent reflection of the light, “fiber” becomes the fabric that binds the opaque and the transparent media in the artwork. All materials were formed from the earth. Using found materials and weaving them into a cohesive design expands the definition of a “weaving” as space, and allows me the opportunity to push the boundaries of how we define dimensionality, and the concepts of creative expression.

-Amelia C. Joynes


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