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May 19th – June 12th 2022

On display in our Spotlight Gallery alongside What a Time to Be Alive!, we’re proud to present the work of our 2022 student interns!

Senior intern Eryn Lawson doesn’t believe anything is original in this world. Nature works in patterns, the seasons have cycles, and everyone sees everything. From the things we witness, we grow a new aspect of ourselves, however insignificant or substantial; but this is how ideas become unique. Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery but inspiration births an entirely new creation altogether, which is why I surround myself in it. This is evident in my art, where pieces and bits of things I’ve enjoyed are sewn together to make love letters to humanity. I hope my references are seen, and become references of their own in the future.

Junior intern Josie Naypauer often creates with a focus on identity, and how it changes with the world around us. Her own facets of her identity and how it is ever changing is almost always an underlying theme in her works. She creates with the intention of inspiring people to explore their own concept of who they really are, and what they are made up of as a person.


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