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SPOTLIGHT: Josie and Juliet

May 18 – June 11


Images: Drifting by Josie Naypauer and Eager Teen by Juliet Duffy


Meet SPOTLIGHT artist and gallery intern, Josie Naypauer

Josie often creates with a focus on identity, and how it changes with the world around us. Her own facets of her identity and how it is ever changing is almost always an underlying theme in her works.She creates with the intention of inspiring people to explore their own concept of who they really are, and what they are made up of as a person.

Meet SPOTLIGHT artist and gallery intern, Juliet Duffy

I am a student at Cleveland Heights High School and I like the color pink. My work is heavily based on my emotions which like most people, effect me on a day to day basis. I really like being messy and using things that are permanent like pen, it’s fun to be forced to go with the flow which is what I like. This piece is about the different symptoms of anxiety taped down to the front a page in a cat format.

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