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Holiday Store 2022

Nov 4th – December 30th 2022

Mon, Tue, Wed, Th, Fr: 1–7  / Sat 12-7 / Sun 12-5
Christmas Eve 10-4
CLOSED Christmas Day

Get the jump on your holiday shopping! You will find a wide variety of gift options at Heights Arts, including…

  • glass sculpture, decorations, jewelry
  • metal jewelry and 2d art, ceramics, jewelry
  • wood cutting boards, spun bowls, containers with lids
  • photos and matted printworks
  • framed paintings covering every wall
  • ornaments of many types while they last
  • fiber and soft domestic creations
  • literature, and handmade books
  • wearable art for style and utility
  • handmade action figures and baby dolls
  • stocking stuffers like magnets and figurines
  • holiday cards, and many more rare hand-made items—all made by local artists.



Finding the perfect gift should be fun, but for many of us it ends up being a big challenge. Making a selection that will please our loved ones should also bring us the satisfaction of knowing we made a sound purchase. The annual Holiday Store at Heights Arts makes that process simple while offering the added incentive of supporting the local arts community.

The annual Holiday Store has been a hub for gifts created by local artists for over 20 years. With the store itself expanded each time to additionally fill two gallery spaces, Heights Arts will feature a list of over 100 artist contributors in 2022. The growing list of participants is as follows:

Bobby & Danielle Allen
Patti Austin
Jeffrey Balazs
Kristin Barnes
Annie Becker
Jess Bennett
Sue Berry
Paula Blackman
April Bleakney
Melissa Bloom
Patricia Bolgar
Davon Brantley
William Brouillard
Linda Brown
Malik Burpo
Catherine Butler
Andrew Cari
Nicole Carroll
Jamey Christoph

Barbara Claas
Kristen Cliffel
Martha Cliffel
Benita Cullinan
Sandra Curry
Susan Danko
Catherine Davies Paetz
Karin Marleen Dijkstra
Bonnie Dolin
Megan Dull
Dylan Eddy
Gene Epstein
Shari Escott
Marjorie Falk
Betsy Fallon
Katie Ford
Al Fuchs
Susan Gallagher
Patricia Garmhausen
Bernadette Glorioso

Jane Godfrey & Sondra Radcliffe
Zac Gorell
Gretchen Goss
Leslie Greenhalgh
Sharon Grossman
J. Allon Hall
Thomas Hanger
Abbey Hansen
Melissa Hintz
Marianne Hite
Jeneen Hobby
Alyson Hollobaugh
Jimena Horta
Pat Isenstadt
Lari Jacobson
Michelle Janosky
Jalonda Jones-Singleton

Amelia C. Joynes
Dylan Kamalay
Tricia Kaman
Larry Kasperek
Lori Kella
Ursula Korneitchouk
Scott Kraynak
Coretta Kutash
Elaine Lamb
Michael Lau
Cherie Lesnick
Janet Luken
Nancy Luken
William Mahon
Claire Marks
Stephanie Miller-Davis
Erica Montejo
Joyce Morrow-Jones
Robert Muller
Joan Neubecker
Wayne Niemi
Lynn O’Brien

Jenniffer Omaitz
Karen Koykka O’Neal
Michelle Pajak-
Lori Pastor
Pamela Pastoric
Cass Penegor
Shayna Pentecost
Jane Peterson
Maryann Posch & John Gulyas
Halle Preneta
Elizabeth Prindle
Qandle Qadir
Tom Ream
Marty Resnik
Natalie Rich
Jamie Richey
Rick Rollenhagen
Robert Romeo
Carmen Romine
Danielle Rueger-Miroewski
Sue Schieman

Sharon Schlesinger
Lisa Schonberg
Genevieve Schwartz
Charles Schweigert
Renee Sentilles
David Shafron
Eric Silverman
Susan Skove
Christopher Owen Smith
Abby Star
Ellen Strong
Mark Sudduth
Maureen Sylak
Carol Thombs
Bedel Tiscareno
Jeremy Tugeau
Guangshen Wang
Jean Wendland Porter
Will Wilson
Mark Yasenchack
Taryn Zwolinski


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