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Evolution: Heights Arts 20th Anniversary Exhibition and Spotlight Stephen Calhoun Press Release


Heights Arts Presents Evolution: Heights Arts 20th Anniversary Exhibition and Spotlight Stephen Calhoun

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Heights Arts came up with the idea of an art exhibition that would at once recall the past and look forward to the future. Artists who had previously been included in Heights Arts exhibitions would show one work from the period during which they first exhibited, and one from the present, thus showing how their work has evolved over time.

Originally scheduled for earlier this Spring, this exhibition has been rescheduled for July 10, 2020 through August 23, 2020. “Heights Arts wouldn’t have lasted one year, to say nothing of 20, without the amazing artists who live among us,” said Executive Director Rachel Bernstein. “We continue to be honored to share their work with the community.” This exhibit will also feature a Virtual Opening on July 10 at 7 pm and will feature both live and pre-recorded video featuring some of the artists participating this is highly anticipated show.

Participating artists are:

Pam Argentieri (jewelry, metals); Kevin Busta (furniture/lamps); Tim Callaghan (painting gouache watercolor); Stephanie Craig (ceramics); Sarah Curry (painting printmaking); Sarah Kabot (cut paper assemblages); Lori Kella (color photography of artificial setups); Yuko Kimura (paper, fiber); David King (painting); Matthew Kolodziej (painting/collage and works on paper); Lynn Lofton (ceramics); Doug Meyer (furniture, metal); Brent Kee Young (glass); and Garie Waltzer (b&w photography).

Along with the Evolution: Heights Arts 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Heights Arts features artworks by local artist Stephen Calhoun in the Spotlight gallery. Stephen Calhoun is a self-trained experimental photographer and digital artist. Previously he was an avocational painter. From the moment of his one man exhibit The Grasp of Order in 2016 at the Gallery at Gray’s, his distinctive experiments using set-up photographs, algorithms, Hubble images, fractals and combinations of these approaches have gained his visionary visual art much attention.

Heights Arts welcomes the press to attend an advanced opening of Evolution: Heights Arts 20th Anniversary Exhibition, as well as, the artist Spotlight featuring Stephen Calhoun on Thursday, July 9, from 1 to 7 pm. Appointments are necessary for Covid-19 safety guidelines. Appointments are made HERE.

Photo Credit: Truth and Lies by Stephanie Craig, Ceramic, 2019


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