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Ekphrastacy: Evolution: “Discarded Love Letter”

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by Jill Lange


Discarded Love Letter

by Timothy Callaghan


Most everyone loves a love letter. Still this one plopped like a cauliflower in a pot—

is a bit odd, and entirely open to speculation . . .


clearly not

the finished letter

hastily written

on lined notebook paper

crumpled and tossed


the declarer

a perfectionist perhaps

writing in ink

needing to start over

with fresh paper


or written

under stress

few words per line

with different pens

or varying pressure


random words

appear above crinkles

never because ranting

whatever bleak love

work  4/18/12  edge


 there’s been

a falling out of sorts

and our writer

(I’ll say he)

wants to explain


likely privacy

has been interrupted

one thing we know

he is not a smooth talker

this is genuine


Timothy Callaghan, Artist: There is a brief moment in any given day between where I need to be and where I want to be that lingers. This moment is neither romantic nor nostalgic but demands my attention. The scene, which elicits this moment, allows me to reflect, reorganize and ultimately compose an image. I carefully observe the environment my daily routines expose me to through my practice of drawing and painting. The familiar experiences we encounter every day inspire and compel me to translate them to a two-dimensional picture plane. I am interested in the specific qualities that transcend the mundane and elevate a space to place.


Jill Lange, Poet:  Jill comes to poetry from a varied background in art, English and environmental education; interior design; technical writing and editing; and poverty law specializing in immigration.  These influences including a life-long connection with nature and ongoing sense of social justice can be seen peppering her work.  For a number of years she served on the editorial committee for “Tributaries, a journal of nature writing” published by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Currently, she is focusing on short poems, primarily haiku, senryu and tanka. Her work has been published widely in the US and internationally both online and in print.



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