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Ekphrastacy: Independent Together: “Viewpoint”

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by Doc Janning


Perceptive Stillness

by Patti Fields and Ray Juaire


Is our stillness to be found



or …


One’s viewpoint

the difference.


Projecting …


Focusing …

Or is it

all the same?

two sides

of the same coin


by time?

The lake,

projection and focus

a stillness


of time.

of space.


of self.

our past

amidst patterns we set.

the present

intersections and nexes

as life’s pathways trend.

our future

shadings and textures

ideas and thought.

within a wider world

a moment

of peace.


Patti Fields and Ray Juaire, Artists: Sculptors Patti Fields and Ray Juaire often transform a variety of media to create artwork that, at times, symbolizes their professional and personal relationship and explores issues of place and memory. Their work can be singular or done in small series that play with balance, utilizing dynamic forms, conceptual narratives, and a re-imagined history of the objects they incorporate in each of their pieces. They suggest new histories in the combinations of fabricated and found objects and work to create metaphors for the nucleus of human, scientific, and metaphysical relationships. For the first time, the couple is showing a few solo works together, carving out new territory.


Doc Janning, Poet: Doc Janning, Inaugural Poet Laureate of South Euclid, Ohio, is a poet, author, educator, longtime Scout Leader, and retired Podiatrist. He has created Ekphrastic Poetry for Heights Arts in Cleveland Heights, OH, and for Cleveland Photo Fest. He has been a Writer-in-the-Window at Appletree Books for National Novel Writers’ Month.

He is Creator/Moderator of Second Sunday Poets, a poetry open mic sponsored by the William N. Skirball Writers’ Center at the South Euclid – Lyndhurst Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library, which has published some of his work.

Doc’s favorite quote is by the late Rod McKuen: “It doesn’t matter who you love or how you love, but that you love.”


Please enjoy this video for Ekphrastacy September 2020 in Response to Independent Together: 30 Years of Collaboration:


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