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April Musical Artist of the Month – Neina K.

Nina is a classical pianist and native Clevelander. Having begun studying piano at the age of four, Nina double majored in English and Piano Performance at Cleveland State University. Nina has taught piano and music theory to countless students over many years. She first performed with the Shaker Symphony Orchestra at the age of 19 and has continued her performance career throughout the city of Cleveland and enjoys opportunities to remain engaged with the local cultural community.

Nina is a businesswoman, business development professional, designer, and highly sought after grant writer.  Amongst other things, Nina has designed and developed her own line of wines trademarked Sip&Note. Sip&Note wines are produced exclusively for her company – the Neina K. Brand, by Ohio’s largest estate winery – Debonne Vineyards in Ashtabula, Ohio. Nina’s namesake wine bottles each contain a digital code containing a different piece of classical piano music so that audiences can enjoy wine while listening to her classical performances!

Learn more about Sip&Note and the Neina K. Brand of Companies at NeinaK.com






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