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Dual Duel

January 13th – March 12th


The first Heights Arts group exhibition of 2023 will open with two events on Lee Road during the weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The name of this exhibition, Dual Duel, describes how artist/musicians are split between dual modes that can either cause tension or be tempered.

Meandering Light by Jill Yanik

Curatorial Statement for Dual Duel

This show features individuals who produce both visual art and music on a regular basis. There are dualities shared amongst these visual artists/musicians. They are makers whose message vacillates between visual and auditory media. The two disciplines are intertwined in countless ways: overlapping terminology, the desire to express and share, studio discipline, a process of concept, creation, editing, and display.  Honing both crafts is a solitary act, but the reveal is public. This dichotomy requires a creator of visual art and music to be both introvert and extrovert, a tension that persists throughout each creative process. Overshadowing this tension is the duel between the media. One discipline, alone, may limit the ability to reach the maker’s soul and express it completely. Although the message may ultimately choose the medium, the visual artist/musician is split between two worlds.

The first opening event will be on Friday, January 13th at 5:00pm in the Heights Arts gallery space. There will be refreshments and live entertainment including live music composed by Dual Duel artist/musician, Sam Silverman. When asked about how he achieves a happy medium between both creative mediums, Sam states, “I’ve always felt a strong connection between music and visual art. Through hearing my compositions, and seeing my art that goes with it, the audience can get a window into my imagination and creative processes.” 

Although the artists of Dual Duel share affinities for both visual and musical expression, they don’t all share the same approach. Priscilla Roggenkamp shares more about her work: “The crossover between art forms has always been part of my creative life, my work includes theatre design experiences as well as visual art and music. I am pleased to be exhibiting one of my textile pieces.  My artwork draws context from fabrics/clothing that evoke memories, tactile associations, social hierarchical ideas and so much more.  Most of my textile works are not ones you would hang in your home. Therefore it is important to have a place like Heights Arts that provides a forum for this type of work and the conversations that I hope the work engenders.“ Featured artist/musicians of the Dual Duel exhibition include David Louis Cintron, Hadley Conner, Jill Eisert, Gene Epstein, John Howitt, Kasumi, Scott Pickering, Priscilla Roggenkamp, Sam Silverman, William Reed Simon, Doug Unger, and John Williams. 

Heights Arts has partnered with neighboring business, Cleveland Urban Winery to present a supplementary program that amplifies the musical side of select Dual Duel artists. Just across the street from where the visual art will be displayed, visitors can enjoy a glass or two of wine while listening to the music of Rock Salt and Nails and The Hot Club of Cleveland. This second opening event takes place on Sunday, January 15th from 2:30-5pm.

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