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Ekphrastacy: Artists Talk and Poets Respond to Impagination and Jackie Miller

September 22nd at 7pm

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Join us as poetry and visual art mingle, stirring dialogue between the visual artist members of Impagination and a panel of carefully selected local poet performers. The lineup includes Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate, Ray McNiece, and poets Diane Vogel Ferri, Ariel Alexander, and Diana Lueptow. This free event occurs in response to each exhibition at Heights Arts, including the works presented in the spotlight gallery, this time celebrating Jackie Miller. Miller’s work expresses her interest in that overpowering pressure of the mind to make sense. To that end, the moments presented by her with images of fox, rabbit/hare, crow-ish bird, and pawn encountering one another in unlikely situations may evoke associations to dreams, fables or various cultural symbols.

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