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EKPHRASTACY: Artists Talk and Poets Respond to Dual Duel

February 16th 2023


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Artist Jeanetta Ho describes her artistic process at Ekphrastacy: Artists Talk and Poets Respond to Impagination

Every exhibition at Heights Arts is integrated with literary arts as local poets and the Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate expand on the works on display. 5 weeks into each show, the gallery is transformed to seat an audience of about 40 people who register for a free opportunity to listen in and comment on artist talks and poetry readings. The art of Dual Duel is created by artists who are also known for their musical talents, so with the blend of three artistic disciplines influencing this program, the performances are expected to yield very interesting results! Ekphrastacy is one of Heights Arts’ most popular programs, so visitors are sure to be given quite a show during this, Ray McNiece’s final night hosting as poet laureate.

Guest poets will be Doc Janning, Cameron Gorman and Raja Belle Freeman.

Doc’s Statement:

As Inaugural Poet Laureate of South Euclid, OH,, an Ekphrastic Poet for Heights Arts, where I was Literary Artist of the Month for March 2020, and Cleveland Photo Fest, as a Writer-in-the-Window for National Novel Writing Month in 2019, and Creator-Moderator of Awenites online monthly poetry event, and Featured Reader for many other events, I proselytize for poetry in South Euclid and the wider community. I have visions of poetry workshops and readings in our schools, in every library, at senior centers, in rehab facilities, and in  juvenile detention centers.

I enjoy communicating with other poets locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world, working toward these goals.

We all have within us a spark of creativity, sparks need to be fanned and fed if they are to become reality. Too many who have the impulse to write or have written are discouraged or disparaged by others, and never begin or never share what they have created. I want to engage, encourage, and enable poets and writers of every genre, young or old, new to the craft or well-seasoned. 

Cameron’s Statement:

Cameron Gorman is a writer and painter from Ohio. Cameron has been published by The Rumpus, Pithead Chapel, and more — and loves poetry, creative nonfiction, and magic.

Raja’s Statement:

Raja Belle Freeman is a performance poet, visual artist, and flautist in Cleveland, OH. Currently a teaching artist with Twelve Literary Arts, she has been featured on Cleveland’s local Channel 3 and Channel 5 news, as well as WCPN and several youtube channels. She was Cleveland’s 2017 Youth Poetry Slam Champion and a member of the One Mic Open Youth Poetry Slam Team for two years. A recent graduate of Cleveland State University majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing with a Black Studies minor, Raja is currently working on her first collection of poetry.


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