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Heights Arts Members Show 2022

A Member Show to Remember 

June 17th – August 14th


Image: Fire And Ice by Charles Schweigert

Heights Arts takes pride, not only in the arts programs they offer, but in the exceptional community comprised of their volunteers, staff, board, patrons and members. During Members Show, opening on June 17th and running until August 14th, artist and non-artist members alike join forces in an exhibition proudly representing a community who cares. 38 members submitted work and all 38 works will be displayed, offering a diverse exhibition that embodies a rich and persevering collective identity.  

Since the onset of the pandemic, revenue for Ohio arts organizations has decreased by 65% according to SMU DataArts, and organizations that can stay in business aren’t expected to begin recovering from budget deficits for another two fiscal years based on a January report from Ohio Citizens for the Arts. In times like these, nonprofit organizations are forced to prioritize which programs are most vital to offer and stretch what means are available. Heights Arts’ top priority continues to be the people living out a mission to cultivate a strong collaborative arts community – their members. 

Participating members in alphabetical order: 

Cynthia Bearer

Sue Berry

Paula Blackman

Melissa Bloom

Stephen Calhoun

Micheal Costello

Leoma Eckles

Julianne Edberg

Marjorie Falk

Zac Gorell

James A. Hall

Thomas Hanger

Jean Hoffman

Lari Jacobson

Renata Jelito

Beverly Joyce

Amelia Joynes

Tricia Kaman

Jerry Keller

Coretta Kutash

Jennifer Leach

Cherie Lesnick

Janet Luken

Janet Mikolajczyk

Charles Mintz

Joyce Morrow-Jones

Sam Pekoc

Roy Pekoc

Gloria Plevin

Elizabeth Prindle

Betz Richards

Charles Schweigert

Jane Small

Maureen Sylak

Jean Wendland Porter

Will Wilson

Mark Yasenchack

Denise Ziganti


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