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Heights Arts blog

On the Streets Where We Live

Some of us get our best and most restorative exercise cycling or walking the beautiful streets of our city.   Here’s a poem inspired by tweets from a current and a former Cleveland Heights resident and about what one can observe on these leisurely recreational outings. What’s in a Name? Was it imitation or appropriation […]

First June Poetweet Post

First June Poetweet Post, thanks to an amazingly beautiful and more amazingly talented actress in our midst. June’s topic is Parks and Recreation. There are many kinds  of recreation.   For those of us who work all day, sometimes just a drink with friends is like a small vacation. Happy Hour You’re dancing down the […]

Two Views of Hail

So this is likely the last Poetweet post for the May topic of Spring.   Soon June begins the next topic for tweets – Parks and Recreation.   Tweet me your thoughts, insights, experiences about how you re-create yourself out of doors in the Heights in the early days of summer.Now, two very different poems […]

Frog Love

Thanks for the tweet from Virginia Beach  that inspired this haiku.   Now, Heights-ers, I’m counting on you to keep me going!Tweet your impressions of Spring (through May 31) and recreation (all of June) to #htspoetweet.Here’s a haiku. The lush, ferned shore-line hides the amorous bullfrog. Still, his trumpet sounds. Haiku, is a Japanese poetic […]

Streaming Time

My thanks to a rare books librarian who tweeted me her thoughts on walking Lakeview Cemetery in  the lush and verdant green of early May.   Her tweets inspired this poem. Streaming Time    A field of polished stones cushioned in spring grass; a blanket of renewal pulled up snug against eternity. These people are […]

Fertility Dance

Thanks to several who tweeted me their thoughts (including some very poetic tweets) on the glories of this amazing  spring.   Here’s the next poem, inspired by YOU. Fertility Dance The ruffled armsof cherry and pear,shimmy in the breezelike Carmen Miranda’s sleeves.They cast their net of scentinto the blue sea of May,fishing for bees. And […]

Poetweet Project Launched: First Spring Tweets Poem for May

The Poetweet Project is on its way!   Thanks to all who joined me  to launch the project.   A small but enthusiastic crowd gathered at the foot of Daffodil Hill in beautiful Lakeview Cemetery this past Saturday morning (May 4) to help me get this fun project out of the ground and blooming. See […]


Anatomica features artists Stephanie Craig, Michelle Marie Murphy, Mariana Ortega, Russ Revock and Dante Rodriguez whose works represent diverse media with images and forms based on anatomy, human and otherwise. Pictured above: Dante Rodriguez, Hipster Hed-footer, acrylic, graphite and ink on mat board    

Our Kids On Lee

Featuring the Heights Youth Club Mosaic Mural, paintings by Augusto Bordelois, and art work selected from the art classes of Lee Road public schools – Fairfax Elementary, Boulevard Elementary, and Heights High School. The Heights Youth Club Mosaic Mural is a project of Heights Arts that enriched students’ after-school experience and enliven the Lee Road […]