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MAY 19TH – JUNE 12TH 2022



Time and time again the course of history has been changed by young people with the courage to address their community in solidarity. In 1903, children of coal miners marched from Philadelphia to New York in protest against child labor. In 1960, the young Greensboro Four staged sit-ins that roused students across the nation to join in the civil rights movement and refuse to accept segregation. In 2018, students in Florida began a mass movement against mass shootings by engaging the media with their rally cry #neveragain, marching and organizing with demands for legislative action against an epidemic of gun violence. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kailash Satyarthi, expressed this truth in his statement “The power of youth is the common wealth of the entire world… No segment in society can  match the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of young people.” Today, as current events stream digitally throughout the consciousness of our youth, Heights Arts offers an open platform for Cleveland Heights High School Students to amplify their voices through art in its annual student show – “What a Time to Be Alive” and accompanying Intern Spotlight featuring the work of senior intern Eryn Lawson and junior intern Josie Naypauer.


Spacy A

Graham Anderson-Reitz

Rain Banzhaf

Ruby Blackman

Alexis Brown

Johanna Carlyle

Antonia Casucci

Lucia del Torto

Juliet Duffy

Helena Duffy

Aniyah Easter

Sophia Evans

Lillian Fawcett-Dubow

Anna Fisher

Tyler Fitcheard Cromity

Aiden Forsythe

Troy Gentry

Rose Goodluck

Megan Harrington

Myieshia Hodges

Javante James

Dayshanae’ Kennedy

Amelia Kohr

Imogen Lowther

Rilyn Manne

Nathan Margiotta

Trudy Motsamai

Ashley Murcia

Emma Naypauer

Ethan Petersal

Sophia Pope

Joseph Putnam

Jean Carlo Quiroz Murillo

Elizabeth Rosebrock-hayes

Polly Routh

Melody Schanz

Sara Schubert

Alexander Shepherd-Boike

Amijah Simons

Marcus Smith

Jessica Sonner

Nicolas Solomon

Willa Sullivan

Maliek Williams

Marshawn Williams

Malachi Wilson



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