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Heights Arts is now booking dates for our 2022 summer/fall Random Acts of Art LIVE! season. Born during the pandemic, the series features concerts at private homes and in partnership with community organizations, and provides meaningful work for the many talented musicians in the Cleveland Area.

In addition to providing private booking opportunities for residents who would like to host in the Cleveland Area, Heights Arts will present several free concerts in partnership with other organizations to bring music to neighborhoods where residents might not have opportunities to experience these types of live musical performances. Pending weather, Heights Arts intends to begin booking concerts as early as late April of 2022.

Building Community: The intimacy of these neighborhood front yard concerts provides a safe space to build relationships with neighbors and the performing artists, or as a celebration of a special occasion. Fall of 2020 RAAL host Donna Johnson says, “This was a wonderful opportunity for neighbors and friends to enjoy live music safely during the pandemic.The first concert was emotional. We were gathered with face masks on. For many of us, this was the first live music we had experienced since March. And this was our first neighborhood gathering since the pandemic. It was a joy seeing everyone!”

Community Partnerships: Heights Arts is also looking for authentic connections with other Cleveland Area organizations who can provide free concerts in neighborhoods whose residents may not normally have the means or opportunity to experience these performances.

“In keeping with our mission to present and support local art and artists, we are excited to match performers with residents in these engaging and joyful events. Although the program was born out of necessity during the pandemic, it is clear that it has become a hallmark of our 20th anniversary year, and we see this as a lasting tradition moving forward,” says Heights Arts Executive Director Rachel Bernstein.

Heights Arts has begun its annual call for musicians who would like to perform  in an ensemble in an outdoor RAAL concert, and residents or community partner organizations can reserve dates now for dates in late April through fall of 2021.

RAAL Performer Application  

Private bookings for these performances start at $200.00 for Heights Arts members and $250.00 for non-members, and can be tailored based upon preference or size. The same information applies for organizations hoping to partner with Random Acts of Art LIVE.

RAAL Host / Organizational Partner Application  

More information on the HeightsArts website at or by contacting Arleigh Savage at music@heightarts.org with questions.

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