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January 14–March 13, 2022
VIRTUAL Opening Friday, January 14, 5:00–8:00


Rhinehart received his MFA at UC Santa Barbara. He moved to Cleveland in 1989 where he has taught locally at art centers, colleges, CIA and CMA. For 10 years Jesse conducted plein air watercolor workshops in the Caribbean. Currently he teaches watercolor and oil painting at his studio in the Art Craft Building.

Jesse has painted both indoor and out door murals in restaurants, private homes, and public locations through out greater Cleveland. Rhinehart’s public commissions include three 10’x10’ oil paintings in the Club Lounge at Progressive Field and interior murals in the former Special Exhibition Dining Room and Education Classroom at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Area highlights are his murals commissioned by Heights Arts at both ends of the Cedar Fairmont Center building in Cleveland Heights.


On one hand my work is a simple homage to the elements of design and the deep rooted beauty therein, but this is more of a tool to reach a deeper psychological content in my paintings. What that content is I have never been able to completely express to my satisfaction. I do know it is not just a sentimental ode to things old and decrepit, (for that I have a mirror). Not all of my paintings have age or decay as subject matter but they still possess the same subliminal draw. I find kinship in the words of David Byrne who once said that the purpose of art is to elevate the mundane to the sublime. I don’t know if my paintings accomplish such lofty goals.Only you the viewer can be the judge.

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