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January 12-March 10, 2024



Heights Arts presents regular group exhibitions curated by our Exhibition Community Team from submissions local artists make through our web-site. PRISMATIC is a collection of five artists, each working with a different but complementary medium, united by threads of color and abstraction.

Hope Hickman‘s work investigates the mundane and the ironic, with particular attention to contemporary life within the American suburbs. Marianne Hite takes images of nature and animates them in her glass artwork. Sue Kirchner creates with Encaustic wax not only because it’s an ancient medium, but because the pigmented layers themselves create a sense of time. Cherie Lesnick tries to capture the energy that surrounds us on paper, using color, line and mark-making. Patricia Zinsmeister Parker paints based on personal experience as viewed through a lense of abstraction and representational genres.


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